My relationship, as well as that of AccuCard, Inc. in general, has been an excellent one over the past 10 years since we first met.
We have depended on Hartman & Co. during this period for accounting guidance and tax preparation, but also have valued the “business guidance” we have received as well especially during milestone occasions such as when were in our infancy; or throughout our growth period; or during changes to our product mix and company redirection. Hartman & Co has always been ready and available to assist with general accounting or specifics relating to our business. Hartman has also become quite knowledgable of our inter company workings as well as the card business in general in which we operate.
One paramount event, which comes to mind and which has been most valuable over many years, is the change in bookkeeping structure you recommended many years ago which revised  our booking & tracking of postage income & expense (those items being major factors in our daily operations) …….to separate categories and separate accounts isolated from other revenue and expense streams thus making our reporting infinitely more accurate and relevant to our monitoring of company performance.
Again Mike we have greatly appreciated our relationship with Hartman & Co over the years and look forward to continuing that relationship as we move forward.
Thanks again
Ray Jameson
President – AccuCard, Inc.