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Contractor and Construction Bookkeeping – amounts to roughly 15% of all accounting and bookkeeping with large scale manufacturing making up roughly 5%. So it is given very little attention in schools, colleges and universities. What little of it we have seen makes us very upset because we see the damage caused to contractors making management decisions based on inaccurate facts and reports.

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Specialized Contractor / Construction Bookkeeping

… should be used when the entire place of business is packed up and taken to the customer. In essence, when you are selling, assembling, delivering and installing a customized product from a mobile shop on location. Think of it like shooting a movie on location without all the glamour, resources and money to go with it.

When you’re in the construction industry, your book keeper and accounting firm should really understand the nuts and bolts of the construction industry – if a contractor is truly going to have a valuable business partner in its corner, the knowledge and experience of your trusted accountant can make all the difference.

An accounting firm that thoroughly understands your business can function not only by keeping your books, preparing taxes and financial statements but also by being a valued business consultant and ‘quasi’ partner. In the construction business, that means understanding virtually anything that has a financial impact on a project or a company.

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Smart Contractors – Know their time is more valuable spent meeting prospective clients, putting together bids, managing job sites and a whole lot of other things other than bookkeeping. So they find someone else to do it for them.

Owning A Construction Business – Means you understand that Bookkeeping is just one of those mundane, nasty, dirty, aggravating, grubby little chores you get stuck with along with its rotten scoundrel cousin the Monthly / Quarterly Tax Reports.

But don’t despair, we are here to help you with these tasks.

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